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Cove Creek Compare the Benefits


As a Cove Creek All-Natural Lifestyle Advisor or Loyalty Rewards Customer you'll realize savings with every purchase.
Compare Cove Creek's benefits and select the option that works best for your goals!



Cove Creek Compare the Benefits


Loyalty Rewards customers enjoy 10% discounts on products shipping with a monthly subscription,
which can be changed or cancelled at any time. There is no fee to become a Loyalty Rewards customer.



  • Product Discounts: 10% off retail prices when set up with the 30-day Autoship plan
  • Loyalty Reward Points: Receive 5% to 20% on personal autoship orders, plus up to 10% on all referred orders
  • Access to special discounts and promotional pricing released throughout the year
  • Use your Loyalty Reward Points for free products (excluding tax and shipping)

Simply click the button below, enter your shipping details, and you're good to go!


Be the Boss!


Flexible Schedule

Work at your own pace, during the hours you set, from where ever you choose! It's your business, work it how you choose.

Robust Comp Plan

Earn money from sales, building a team, OR BOTH! So many ways to earn a little or a lot! You get paid well for your effort.

Training + Support

Mentor program, online training, weekly group support, and an accessible corporate team for all your questions!

Recognition + Awards

From Loyalty Rewards bonuses, challenges, walking the stage, and profit sharing...
We celebrate it ALL!

Trips and Incentives

Conventions, retreats, and trips are just the start to all the incentives and fun things we plan each year for our consultants!

Health Insurance

We have teamed up with the biggest names in Direct Sales to get the lowest rates on all sorts of insurance. We've got you covered!

Cove Creek Testimonials

Jennifer R.C.
Founding Advisor and Mentor


When I was presented with Cove Creek I thought "it's just another skin care company". What I found was a comp plan that was unlike anything else, a product that worked and helped me feel more confident as well as my daughter's eczema, and a group of ladies that I truly connected with. I'm so glad I said YES to Cove Creek because of how it's helped me find myself and my confidence as well as the mission and values of improving the environment.

Brigette B.
Founding Advisor and Mentor


I suffer from sensitive skin. Finding a product that will allow me to have a skincare routine has been a long, exhausting, search. When I noticed a post about Goat milk lotion I was immediately interested. I was looking for a skincare routine and found so much more. I found more than a business, more than a company, I found a family. Cove Creek is just that: a family. It is refreshing to be a part of something that is truly a different business model than most.

Jennifer P.
Founding Advisor


The products, the ingredients, and best of all the owners of the company were right there answering questions! I was blown away with the transparency of everything that corporate was putting out for us. I was really relieved after using the Goat Milk Daily Face Cream because it wasn’t scented and it didn’t burn my super sensitive skin. Every product I’ve used from Cove Creek has completely agreed with my sensitivities. I use the products on my toddler, too.

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