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 Located in North Carolina, Cove Creek formulates, packages and distributes exceptional quality handcrafted all-natural lifestyle products for consumers and businesses in the health and beauty industries. We are grateful for the confidence you place with us when you make a purchase. We see every transaction as an opportunity to deliver excellence through our handcrafted natural products and customer service. For additional information, please contact us with your inquiry. We look forward to serving you.

Welcome! We'd like to share some background that forms the guiding principles we are infusing into our Cove Creek products and marketing.

Located on our family farm, nestled in a valley high in the Blue Ridge Mountains, are several springheads that form a small pond. Its water gently overflows and meanders through the pasture where our alpacas, chickens, ducks, and goats roam and carries nutrients that replenish the land as it joins other streams and rivers along the way. Our family works the land hard. We prepare meals with simple ingredients. And we formulate our skin and body care products with the same purity and honesty of our lifestyle.

The foggy mornings on the farm, when the animals are waking up and we feel the dew on our face, this is our favorite time of day. We capture the essence of that fresh dew in our moisturizers and lotions which quench the cells of our skin. At the end of the day we turn to natural ingredients that cleanse our body without stripping, and replenish our soul with the subtle natural fragrances of surrounding botanicals.

These daily moments influence our approach to our product formulas. Knowing firsthand the fragility of our earth guides us in the packaging decisions we make. And the unpretentious lifestyle of a farm is reflected in our product pricing that is fair. Profits are generously shared with the hardworking teams of our distributing advisors.

Our marketing strategy provides strong, talented women and men the ability to distribute our lifestyle products across America. We have created an easy-to-understand commission structure that rewards committed advisors, along with bonuses and incentives for those who are exceptional at building their business.

We would love to have you join in our journey.

The Cove Creek Family
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