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I want to share a little about why I joined Cove Creek. As someone who lives with an auto-immune disease, I thought my acne and hair loss my whole life was due to Crohns. It wasn't until a family member told me about some lawsuits going on with some products I was using that I realized that was the problem. Around that same time, I was introduced to this new brand that was in pre-launch. Within the first few days of using the products, I stopped losing hair and my acne cleared up for the first time in my life (from HS at the age of 12 to now at 38 years old). Knowing I am no longer using toxins on my body, my family and no longer dumping toxins down the drain it icing on the cake.  


In June of 2020, I was invited to look into Cove Creek, by a co-worker.  She told me she felt that this company would emphasize and enhance my product goals for what my customers were wanting.  Cove Creek was easy to add to my teaching.  I feel it lead others to great all-natural lifestyle options.  I enjoy assisting everyone in finding their best solutions for their family.  Watching them discover their new favorite products for their family is truly one of the best parts.  Cove Creek absolutely covers every part of a families life.


I signed up as a Founding All-Natural Lifestyle Advisor with Cove Creek in July of 2020. This company really caught my attention with their description of their upcoming all natural Shampoo Bars and Goat Milk Lotions. I loved everything they were offering. Especially the minimal ingredients used and the packaging being recycled or biodegradable.  I am pleased with the flexibility of being able to work from home. I sell Cove Creek from my personalized website, from my home, on my social media feeds, and I even have a trade booth at my local Farmers Market.  The products are amazing and the company owners are fabulous to work with. They are super attentive and give us the tools we need for success like access to The Cove Creek University where we can learn everything about our products and ingredients used.


When I first heard about Cove Creek - I was curious, but to be honest a skeptic.  I had been following my friend’s posts about her becoming a founding advisor for this new company that would be launching.  When she offered the opportunity to try the shampoo and conditioner bars - I thought why not.  I was BLOWN AWAY by the results. I love my hair long, but always wear it up because I could never style it well.  So I ended up cutting it much shorter. Because of these bars now I get great results and Have grown my hair back out.  I absolutely LOVE my long hair now!   But I was resigned to being a customer. That was enough for me.  After my last DS experience - I had NO DESIRE to do it again.  But I kept watching my friend’s posts and learning more about Cove Creek, the products, the ingredients, the promises and the people involved with this company.   After talking to my husband, and with his blessing, I became a founding advisor.  I just knew I had to share Cove Creek with others so they could experience the same joys as me.   


It all started out in August of 2020 with seeing a video of this beautiful Sea Turtle swimming around and how a new company is donating $.04 of each product sold back to them and helping to save our environment too! I was very curious.... I decided to join the company before even trying the products! To know they are a family owned company, that have a passion for helping others through their natural ingredient products, I was all in! After the first night of using the facial line and shampoo/conditioner bars, I was hooked and knew I would NEVER go back to synthetic filled products that were actually hurting my skin and hair. You will feel the difference after the first use, and my goal is to help change lives and have you receive healthy, soft and smooth skin and hair you deserve.  It all starts with natural products.... These products have helped to bring out confidence I never knew I had because of how it makes me feel looking in the mirror and how much younger my skin looks and feels.  Anyone who has not tried these, you need to start today... "Your skin is an investment, not an expense."  You need to remember your worth it!


I had heard about Cove Creek through my friend. But to be honest, I didn’t want to be bothered by selling anything and wasn’t interested in buying anything at the time either. Then I started seeing the results from others using the shampoo and conditioner bars. So I bought one of each from my friend. My hair can be oily and I get build up from products that stayed in my hair. I could wash my hair one day and a few days later it looked like it hadn’t been washed for a week. I tried the shampoo and conditioner bars. They are amazing. I love these products. Needless to say, I signed on as a lifestyle advisor under my friend. Believe me, I’m not the type to sign on for something unless I fully believe in the products. This is actually a great company. All natural products made by a husband and wife team on a goat farm in the North Carolina mountains. They make everything by hand, right down to packaging everything themselves. I look forward to promoting this brand to my friends, colleagues and family. Cove Creek. It’s not just a name but a healthier lifestyle.


I am so beyond blessed. To receive a personal email from the owner of Cove Creek to congratulate me on my accomplishments of my business brought me to my knees.  I started out just using the products from Cove Creek but the more I tried, the more I knew that I wanted to be a bigger part of things. Especially since I believe in every product that I tried and they truly work!! And I’m so very happy that I made that decision. It has given me a drive within myself that I didn’t even know that I had. I love each & every one of the women I got to meet while on retreat at Jekyll Island. Everyone in this company are so helpful, encouraging & inspiring. I’ve never been in direct sales before so I learn something new every day. I know I still have so much more to learn & do but I’m grateful to be doing it with these amazing people!!  Now all you see in my house is Cove Creek products. Not just for having items on hand to sell but because I use them. Every. Single. Day. And the icing on the cake is being a part of this phenomenal family owned business and of course, the sea turtle rehabilitation. They say if you dream it then you can achieve it. If you want to be a part of this amazing journey with Cove Creek, have your own business & be your own boss AND help not only yourself but others to have an all natural lifestyle, then Cove Creek is your answer!! 


I’ve been an Advisor with Cove Creek since the beginning. I was introduced to this all natural brand from several people and I knew I needed to find out more!  Ive been a part of direct sales for many years and have always loved this industry. Time freedom, working as much or little as I need and being able to be there for my family were only a few of the reasons why I originally joined.  Becoming a Founder and getting in early with Cove Creek was important to me.  Quickly, I realized that there was so much more to this company.. The all natural products, the compensation plan was unlike any I had been a part of and the relationships I built with other advisors, customers and corporate have been life changing!  I’ve had an emotional year personally and needed to step away from “working” my business and wasn’t sure if I’d continue.   Thankfully I didn’t give up and thankfully everyone welcomed me back and continued to encourage me.   There is definitely a camaraderie within the company!  I am amazed at all the products and have found I can’t go a day without using them.  My skin is happy!  I am super excited about the future and look forward to mentoring my team, watching them grow and learn!

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